TV Ads


Ads have now gone digital thus, expanding their market in a more viral environment rather than keeping their focus on television spots. With this new era of social media such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc., the content for advertising has shifted into these networks in order to catch the attention of many more people. Not only have they spread their influence onto a social media platform, but have also made their Ads much more simple and compacted, getting straight to the point. They have also made an effort to include a more diverse audience, providing more racial and sexual variety in their Ads.

Convenience and Comfort


In the past year convenience has become a key asset in helping companies grow in their business. From Uber eats to having packages delivered to your house (with the help of services such as Amazon Prime) customers have come to find even more comfort in their own home. Not only are they able to find convenience in purchasing products, but also having Home assistants that can be controlled by your voice. Systems such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have made it easier to change a song or find out the weather. This voice convenience has expanded the limits of comfort.

AR Experience


Along with the perks of the convenience and comfort aspect of marketing, it seems as if corporations have tried AR experience to help customers encounter products without leaving the comfort of their home. For example, customers can use their smart phones to access products in the store and see it displayed in front of them. As stated in the name, they are manipulating reality in order to provide their customers with a more satisfying and personal interaction with their products.

Healthier Choices for the World and Body


Throughout the year, it seems as if people began to follow the steps to a healthier lifestyle. Aiming to eat healthier and become much more aware of the environment, such as reducing plastic or finding ways to reduce carbon. Companies are now striving to get much more authentic products, such as fresh meat or vegetables, provided to their customers. Along with the shift in consumption, brands have also shifted their focus on carbon consumption within cars. They are going to start manufacturing vehicles that are much more environmentally friendly. This is the immediate goal for the future. These are just some examples of some brands trying to change their products in order to provide healthier elements, whether it is in food, drinks or even a vehicle.

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