Make Your Design Stand Out with Contrast


By Nikki Hillman

Make Your Design Stand Out with Contrast

Designs with well-executed contrast create appeal, organization, and focus in the layout.

Here are three things to consider when trying to create contrast in design:

1. Space:

Space provides guidance for your audience, but only when you include structure. Separating objects or grouping them together informs the audience of what is related and what is distinctly separate. You can also consider the quantity of an element within the space to achieve contrast; one object that’s different in a group of other objects that are all the same will be sure to stand out.

2. Size:

Using different sizes makes the relationships between elements practical and provides a more dynamic composition. Different sizes can create hierarchy to enhance a certain element as a focal point. Whereas, making them all the same size can often create patterns and balance.

3. Color:

Adjusting the different hues and temperatures within color is one of the easiest ways to achieve contrast in your designs. A simple way to use color for a sense of contrast is by using classic color pallets, such as complimentary or triadic color schemes. You can also make them different by adding or subtracting the saturation of a hue, which helps with adjusting intensity so your colors don’t blend together too much.

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