Professionalism in the Workplace


By: Danika Tallman

If you’ve ever been to a job interview, you know you need to dress as professionally as possible to be seriously considered. Depending on the job you get, that part of professionalism doesn’t go away. In fact, it becomes even more important and extends far beyond just what you wear. Professionalism is a broad term and includes things like character, attitude and even dress code.


One of the most important things to have on the job is good character. Character is defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”. This affects almost every part of your working life. This includes simple things like being on time, taking responsibility for your mistakes and maintaining accountability to those above you. Employers won’t care if you get those spreadsheets done on time if you’re taking supplies home or blaming your mistakes on your co-workers.

Positivity and Attitude

Attitude at work is everything. Nobody wants to work with someone who is always moping or complaining about their job. Employers like people who are respectful. They want someone who is upbeat, positive and receptive to other’s ideas. When you’re willing to take on extra projects or help out with the workload, you prove your usefulness to not only your colleagues but your bosses as well. This also includes being humble because even if they pat you on the back, you need to be careful not to let the accolades go to your head.

Dress Appropriately

Dress code is something that a lot of people seem to think that they can disregard. It seems like a little thing but reveals a lot about you. Again, this depends on the job that you have but if you are working in a law firm, their dress code would be very different than if you were working at a bar. You need to dress appropriately for the job that you have. For example, flip flops or tank tops in a professional environment would be very inappropriate. Be aware of the atmosphere you work in and dress in a way that will demonstrate that you are a professional and there to do your job.

In Conclusion

These attributes are something that every employer looks for in an employee. Respectfulness will never be something that will fail you. On the same note, having a strong character will help you meet your professional goals, and even if you have no goals, attitude will take you far in whatever you decide to pursue. Keeping these things in mind will take you far in the professional world. Whether you want to start your own company or simply move up in someone else’s, these qualities will stand out in a world of unqualified people.

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