3 Tips for Better Layout and Composition in Your Designs


By Nikki Hillman

1. Start with a Grid

Grids establish structure and functionality for designers. Applying a grid in your designs position graphics or text into places that work for the composition and arrangement of design elements. You also create instant unity within your design, which allows your audience to easily navigate through the visuals.


2. Keep Balance in Mind

Balance in a design is an easy technique to attract the attention of your audience. Your layout becomes much more interesting by giving elements ‘room to breathe’ within the white space (aka negative space). In the art and design world, there is asymmetrical, symmetrical, and radial balance. Balance does not always mean equal on both ends. In asymmetrical example, the graphics take up the same amount of space, even though they are different.

3. Use Hierarchy to Emphasize Elements

Hierarchy creates a sense of organization and emphasizes the most important elements in your composition. Hierarchy can be created by using different sizes, colors, and positioning.

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