Boost SEO Using Video Insightful Tips

Boost SEO Using Video with These Insightful Tips

Websites displaying videos are more likely to rank up in the searches and generate organic flow to your business. These tips will not only give you the tools to create effective video content but also on how to use this in a beneficial way.

Consumers are more convinced by video content than written text. It attracts a wider customer base and improves accessibility. Search Engine Optimization is exactly this, it allows your brand to be seen first on search engines and thus consumers. It gives you the prime spot on a Google search and allows you to stand out from the opposition. This is how video can help your SEO!

Create high-quality video content

A video thumbnail will encourage users to click on your link, and the first few seconds will determine if they stay. Using equipment that will produce a high-quality video is of vital importance. A blurry or pixelated video will not convince a client of your worth.

A video can serve as a marketing funnel to direct flow to your website, and the website content will then determine if they will be called to action. Your video equipment does not need to be the most expensive, but what counts more is how well versed you are in HOW to use what you have. Having equipment worth thousands is of no use if you do not know what on earth to do with it. But a good quality smartphone and the knowledge of the how-to is much more powerful!

Create a clear purpose

The content of the video must be directly related to the website content; if there is a hook with no fish, the customers will not stay. Ensure your video has a clear purpose to avoid floating in the air.

Videos often answer a question a client may have. This can be an opportunity to answer a “Why?” or even a “How?” in a way a customer can relate to. Do not be tempted to create a flashy video while your website content leaves much to be desired. Your video needs to carry lots of weight in a limited time span. In other words, it needs to pack a punch.

Ensure the video content is connected to keywords and phrases used in the text itself to create an immediate connection. This creates more awareness of your brand.

Consistency generates value

Organic traffic cannot be achieved overnight, and it cannot be expected of a single video post to create a miracle. Commit to video content, and it will serve you much longer than you would expect.

Ensure the content you choose for your videos is dependable, but not predictable. The customer must expect quality and connection but must be surprised and enticed every single time. Match your content to your clients’ needs. This will ensure they are motivated to interact with your brand over and over. They learned to trust your brand identity, and the quality must be kept up to par.

Use different platforms to your advantage

Even though the purpose is to drive traffic to your site, using video content on more than one platform drastically helps your rankings. It creates brand awareness and aids in calls to action. People start to naturally see you as a company taking up space. This is what you want. You want to take up space in a very competitive market.

How can you use this? Look at a platform like Youtube. Its sole purpose is to host videos. They look at video rankings differently from, let’s say, Facebook. You need to play to the strengths of each platform to ensure you generate a flow of customers from every angle.

Using these different tips will allow you to create high-quality, organic traffic that will create a trusting relationship between you and your customer base. Be innovative in your content, but true to your brand identity.

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