Tips for Driving Traffic to your Landing Page

Think of your landing page as fulfilling the same role a billboard once did: to grab the attention of the traffic passing by and to mobilize them to take action. The only difference is now, the traffic isn’t cars – it’s an online audience. Instead of choosing a strategic spot along the highway for the advertisement, it’s time to enter the digital marketing arena by utilizing effective social media advertising and improving the reach of your content.

Wyred Insights, a Reno NV company specializing in digital marketing and website design, offers you the top tips on driving traffic to your landing page to level-up your marketing campaign.


Increasing Conversions

The reason you have a landing page in the first place is to drive conversions and leads. A conversion is when a member of your online audience goes from a passive onlooker to actively taking part in your campaigns. The best way to mobilize the online audience you already have access to? Email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are often an underestimated form of digital marketing. Almost everybody has an email address and almost everybody checks it daily. Tap into the market at your fingertips! The key is to create an eye-catching subject line for your email so that your email doesn’t get lost in the void. Just like your landing page, email marketing needs a single focus and a short and effective way to communicate it. It goes without saying, for any form of successful digital marketing, creating compelling content is always the first priority. Make sure you have stellar website design, an ongoing aesthetic across platforms to captivate your online audience, and gripping copy to mobilize them into action.

Not only can email marketing be effective for conversions, you can even utilize the online audience to bring in more leads for you. By providing an incentive to share your content you can encourage your digital audience to pass on the message. Since everyone trusts people they already know more than they trust an unfamiliar business, encouraging recommendations from your online audience to their friends and family can go a long way for your marketing campaign.


Increasing Leads

In digital marketing, leads are potential customers. Fresh eyes resting on your digital marketing content for the first time. The first impression of your content needs to be attention-grabbing and the following content needs to be equally engaging to move them from a lead to a conversion. But let’s focus on attracting the fresh eyes.

Due to the wide audience available on social media, it makes sense to harness it. Top tip to drive traffic to your landing page: advertise through social media. How can this be done? Like we said, people trust people they already know more than an unfamiliar business. Partner up with influencers to help you spread the word. People are more likely to listen to someone they admire and someone they have been following for a long time. Make sure to choose an influencer who aligns with the values of your brand, because then, you will be targeting your niche digital audience.

Other options for social media advertising is using incentives, similar to utilizing incentives to increase the reach of your email marketing campaign. By offering incentives like giveaways or discount codes for signing up with their emails, you can drive more traffic to your landing page and level up your digital marketing campaigns. People who want your products/services for free are also people who are willing to pay for them if they truly understand the value you are offering them. The trick is to catch their attention first so that when they take the next steps to find out the value you have to offer, they will already be invested.

No matter the strength of your digital marketing strategies, it is most important to have a good quality website design because leads are funneled to this point. While landing pages, social media presence, and email marketing campaigns may attract fresh sets of eyes, it is the website design that will determine how easy it is for your audience to engage with the information you are presenting them with. It is an easy-to-access and customer-friendly website design that will ultimately motivate your new audience to actually take action and employ you for your services.


The Subtle Art of Marketing

Despite the vast population constantly checking their emails and scrolling through social media, there is still an untapped online audience to target. This is an audience who’s going to ignore blatant advertising, no matter the appeal of the incentives you offer. The way to get the value of your content through to them is by putting your content into their digital path. We’re talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When people search online for something related to the services you’re offering, you want them to come across your website. The way to do this is by increasing the ranking of your website on Google search results. You can increase the visibility of your website through SEO strategies like keyword selection, citation optimization and review gathering. If that all sounds far too complicated, then turn to a digital marketing company like Wyred Insights that offers SEO optimization as part of their services.



There you have it, driving traffic to your landing page is about placing the right attention-grabbing content in front of the right set of eyes. Target your niche digital audience by incentivising your existing digital audience to spread the word for you and making them an offer they can’t refuse. No matter how much traffic comes to your landing page, remember that if the content isn’t compelling, then the leads won’t turn into conversions. Avoid this problem by reaching out to a professional digital marketing, SEO optimization, and website design company like Wyred Insights to help you transform your digital audience into real customers.

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