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Timothy Berfield


Timothy Berfield, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Wyred Insights, Inc. , has over 20 years of experience building hardware and software systems for both clients and companies he has founded. Tim has led many of these companies through start-up and growth modes through the creation of robust infrastructures and management systems.

Tim has spent 20 years in roles such as Chief Executive, Chief Technology Officer, Network Architect and Software Engineer in a variety of industries, including custom software development, direct marketing and transactional platform services. His understanding of both business and technological systems design encompasses industries such as credit card processing, ACH and check draft processing, real estate, auto insurance, direct marketing, telephony systems and blockchain technologies.

Among his significant previous positions, Tim has served as Chief Executive of Active Smart Contract, a publicly traded company, and Chief Technology Officer of Blitz Media, a Las Vegas-based direct marketer with over 50 million in yearly sales. He was President and founder of Boilfrog LLC, a web hosting, data-center services and web design firm, and CTO of ZoomAway Travel, Inc., a publicly traded company serving the travel industry.