Fueling Nevada

Goals and Strategy

Fueling Nevada’s website revamp was a project with one goal in mind. That was to keep members informed while driving membership with an engaging site that utilized video and was continually updated with the information on trends in the industry. The things the client wanted were your typical upgrades to the site. A catchy video, more information, and an easy to navigate website are a few examples of what this client wanted. So we started from scratch to give them the best we have to offer. They wanted the people who used the site to be able to know what they were about and understand their mission, their goals, their plan of where Fueling Nevada is headed.

Video Production

Starting from scratch while integrating video into the homepage and making sure it didn’t take up too much space meant that we had to figure out a different way to have the video in the header. This was a challenge for Mason, our lead videographer, since it needed to be shot and edited in the same day.


He went to shoot custom footage and, like the video master he is, made several videos to see which one would be the best fit for the target audience. He overcame the challenges of time restraints and developing something new to create an artfully constructed eye catcher for site visitors.

It was convenient that the client’s location was so close to Wyred Insights. That way, we could easily consult with them to find exactly what they wanted not only on the site, but from it as well. Starting with wireframes was no problem for Andrew and Parker, who have experience with them from prior websites. After figuring out the layout of the website, they took everything from the old site and integrated it into the new design, including the video for the homepage. Using software called Beaver Builder, a front-end page builder for WordPress was a new experience for these guys. This site had the ability to let almost everyone on the Wyred team contribute which was a great experience.

For Chalyn, our lead designer, this was just an average day in the life of design. Her goal was to take the color scheme and photos and make sure they reflected the feel of the client. To make this happen, she started with mock-ups of the site graphics and appearance in general. The goal here was to make this site appear clean and make it easy for potential clients to see what they need and where to go to get information.

We wanted the client to see that we made sure their best side was shown off on the website. To make sure that we had all of their requirements taken care of we decided to shoot some custom video. Nikki decided that this way, we could really make the site come to life. The client wanted something striking and modern and also something that they could easily edit and manage themselves. We gave them that and so much more. We also made sure that the information was clear and easy to access for their customers.

Each website is unique in its own design and challenges, and this one was no exception. We strive to do our best with each client and meet their needs individually. We have such a wide variety of knowledge in our team and people who know how to use that knowledge. When we put it all together, sites like Fueling Nevada are formed.