Kalicki Collier Case Study

The Challenge

With so many law firms out there, it might be hard to start a conversation with everyone who views your website. Kalicki Collier has over 60 years of experience under their belt and they deserved something better than what they had before. They needed a website that reflected who they are and what they stand for.

With their outdated site they just weren’t getting what they needed from their old design. They wanted their clients to easily be able to start a dialogue with them about their issue. Starting from scratch seemed to be the only option as we started to reshape the entire page.

The Process

Starting from scratch is never easy. The old site was outdated, messy and bloated with unused plugins. Too many people had tried to step in and fix it to the best of their knowledge but they just ended up slowing the site down.


With Nikki leading the charge, she kept Andrew and Parker organized and headed in the right direction. Even without having a template to follow, the team persevered. Using the whiteboards in the office, they drew up wireframes to determine the layout that would be best suited for the client.


They then used WordPress to develop the framework. This was a tricky because while they were completely overhauling the page, they had to keep the SEO along with their analytics in place so that their overall ranking wasn’t affected.

The challenge here was figuring out what layout that most pages would follow. For example, Nikki wanted to put a video on the homepage and for that to happen, they needed to optimize said video to the specifications of the website.


The client also wanted it to be very easy for a prospective customer to contact them. This meant figuring out how to make sure that the case review button was visible from whatever page they would choose to view.

Another challenge was that the management changed midway through the entire process, bringing in someone with a different vision of how the website should look.


As many of you already know, a change in plans halfway through would throw a lot of people off their game. Not Wyred Insights though. We rolled with the obstacles that were thrown at us and still created a website that everyone was very pleased with.


They used the company’s main colors to accent the design they agreed upon, creating a masterpiece that everyone at Kalicki Collier loved and were eager to spread the word about.


Even with all the challenges and changes that happened while working on this project, Nikki, Andrew and Parker all came up with a great design for this law firm. The challenge was accepted, attacked and overcome.


This is what Wyred Insights lives for and we do our very best to make sure everyone is happy with the results that we hand them. The site ended up being much faster, cleaner and much more organized.


By starting with just a rough idea of the design, we made them a masterpiece that will surely have them impressing customers for years to come.


Andrew Horton - Web Development
Parker Bosco - User Interface Design and Mobile Optimization
Nikki Hillman - Video Production and Creative Direction
Danika Tallman
- Content Creation