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Wyred [Tech]

We have 30 years of experience leveraging technology to help businesses like yours.

Make Technology Work For You!

The business world is becoming more and more reliant on technology, and the need to keep your sensitive data safe is becoming an ongoing struggle for many business owners.

Stop Technostress!

Our "Tech Premium" service helps takes the challenge out of using technology.


From problems like emails that aren’t delivered, documents that won’t print, and calendar synch problems, our support services tackle the issues that keep you from running your business.

Peace of Mind

Our Tech Premium service gives you peace of mind, with network monitoring, data backup, virus protection, and priority technical support services.

How Does it Work?

Our Tech Premium service is a solution borne from over 40 years of combined experience, providing technical support and data security to business owners like you.
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Support Service

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Data Backup

End-to-end encrypted, business-grade backups for all of your data.  We back up servers, workstations, and mobile devices to protect you from ransomware and hardware failure.


Secure your business with protection from viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, phishing attacks, rootkits, spam, and other cyber threats.

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More Support With Less Cost

Our tech premium service includes remote tech support from experienced technicians at a preferred rate.  We can handle nearly any issue that doesn't require an on-site visit.  And for clients in our service areas, get the same reduced rate for those issues that do.

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