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The Digital Recruiter program uses a combination of consulting, strategy, and automation to get you more qualified applicants.

Stop Chasing Unqualified Leads

Stop cold calling desperate job seekers who apply to every open position on job boards! Start having conversations with engaged candidates who are exclusively interested in YOUR company!

"My company has used the services of Wyred Insights for 2 years now. We hired them to create a digital recruitment pipeline for our homecare agency, and we are very happy with the results. Randy and Nikki and their team are first-class all the way, and I highly recommend them for your project.”

Vince M.,  CK Owner

Get More Hiring Opportunities

The “Digital Recruiter” program drives more hiring opportunities by combining strategies and technologies to identify and nurture more applicants.


We save you time by qualifying your applicants and converting them to inbound calls for interview requests.  We also improve your interview show rate by leveraging our proprietary automated, interview reminder technology.


Save Your Team Time

With all the popular job boards out there, everyone agrees that it can take too much time and resources for a business to find quality candidates.


Wyred Insights' Digital Recruiter Program saves you time by qualifying your leads on the front-end of the process.

How Does it Work?

Applicants are sent to a Qualifying Landing Page (QLP) where they answer a series of questions to verify they are eligible to work for your company.
  • Qualified applicants are sent a congratulatory email.
  • Those who are not eligible are notified via email.
  • We save all leads and take note of why any were disqualified.
  • We encourage qualified applicants to call your office using a campaign specific tracking number that points to your main line, so we can track calls and report on the results.
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Success Strategy

Our experts work with your team to customize a strategy unique to your needs.


We work with you to establish a set of monthly goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s). We deploy our “Measure, Monitor and Manage“ system to help achieve your goals.

Data Analysis

We analyze your internal applicant handling processes and make recommendations to drive more hiring opportunities.

We calculate a baseline cost of acquisition and monthly need for new hires which is then used as a key performance indicator for setting goals.

Lead Channel Optimization

We optimize your current lead channels so applicants are self-qualified and become inbound calls for interview requests.

We identify and introduce additional, proven lead channels to increase the number of applicants and new hires.

Increase Interview Show Rates

We improve your interview show rate by leveraging our automated interview reminder technology.

You applicants are sent an immediate interview confirmation, along with friendly reminders the day before and the day of their interview.

Management & Reporting

We continually manage performance by actively reviewing results and recommending adjustments as needed to achieve your hiring goals.

Your password-protected, real-time dashboard provides complete transparency, so you can see the results of your marketing.

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