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The “Digital Recruiter” program drives greater hiring opportunities by combining strategies and technologies to identify and nurture more applicants. We save you time by qualifying your applicants and converting them to inbound calls for interview requests.  We also improve your interview show rate by leveraging our proprietary automated, interview reminder technology. 



We work with you to establish a set of monthly goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s), then we deploy our “Measure, Monitor and Manage“ system to achieve your goals.

Data Analysis

Our Digital Recruiter Program starts with a thorough analysis of your current recruiting channels. We review your internal lead handling processes and make recommendations to drive more hiring opportunities. We calculate a baseline cost of acquisition and monthly need for new hires. This baseline is then used as a key performance indicator for setting goals.

Lead Channel Optimization

We optimize your current lead channels so applicants are self-qualified and become inbound calls for interview requests.  We identify and introduce additional proven lead channels to increase the number of applicants and new hires.

Increase Interview Show Rate

We improve your interview show rate by leveraging our proprietary automated interview reminder technology. 

Management and Reporting

We continually manage performance by actively reviewing results and recommending adjustments as needed to achieve your hiring goals.  Your password-protected, real-time dashboard provides complete transparency, so you can see the results of your marketing.

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Our Director of Results, (DOR) program is designed to take a complete view of your business to increase sales, increase profit, and grow your bottom line. We start by taking a combined view of your current marketing, sales and operations.


Working with you, we then establish monthly goals and identify key performance indicators (KPIs). Next, we recommend strategies, tools, systems, and lead channels that move us towards your goals.



The DOR program starts by reviewing your current digital presence and lead channels including client prospects and applicants.  We continue to measure by reviewing your internal lead handling processes and how you track, contact, and manage leads.


This data is used to calculate a baseline cost of acquisition for both clients and new hires and provides insight into how we can make recommendations and improve results to meet your goals.  


Our team monitors the data through our performance dashboards daily. We provide complete transparency on the results of our efforts, providing you access to these password-protected, real-time dashboards; in addition, we notify you of the results through our weekly and monthly progress reports.


We introduce additional lead channel opportunities for both clients and applicants to facilitate growth.

Our program is managed by reviewing data daily and recommending adjustments as needed to achieve your goals.

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Our "Tech Premium" service takes the challenge out of using technology. From problems like emails that aren’t delivered, documents that won’t print, and calendar synchronization, our support services tackle the issues that keep you from running your business.


We have 30 years of experience leveraging technology to help businesses like yours.


Data Backup

End-to-end encrypted, business-grade backups for all of your data. We back up servers, workstations, and mobile devices to protect you from ransomware and hardware failure.


Secure your business with protection from viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, phishing attacks, rootkits and spam, as well as other cyber threats.

Discounted Tech Support

Our tech premium service includes remote tech support from experienced technicians at a preferred rate. We can handle nearly any issue that doesn't require an in-person visit.  For clients in our service areas, get the same reduced rate for those issues that do.

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Some problems require more than just an off-the-shelf remedy. Our team of developers, creatives and digital marketers can build a custom solution to just about any problem. We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your concerns and goals to help your company fulfill its mission.



Wyred Insights is a results-focused, digital marketing consultancy, employing a team of experienced strategists, developers, and creatives dedicated to the success of our client. 


Clear communication is foundational to the success of any project. We empower you with information and expertise to help you make informed decisions. We schedule consultations and update meetings throughout the process to ensure we accomplish your mission and goals


Our success is measured by the success of our clients. We complete and deliver your new solution and support your project through the entire life-cycle of testing, updates, and changes.

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