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Wyred [DOR]

Our Director of Results, (DOR) program is designed to take a complete view of your business to increase sales, increase profit, and grow your bottom line.

Grow Your Business

Grow your bottom line by focusing your investments. Our DOR Program ensures that your resources are aimed strategically towards the growth and optimization of your business.

What is the DOR Program?

By taking a combined view of your current marketing, sales, and operations, we can establish monthly goals and identify key performance indicators (KPIs).


From there, we recommend strategies, tools, systems, and lead channels that move us towards your goals.



Stop investing in resources and lead channels that have little to no return on investment (ROI).


Gain the expertise of a marketing team at a fraction of the cost.


Receive detailed reporting and analytics throughout your marketing efforts in a 24/7 live dashboard, plus monthly reporting.

How Does it Work?

The DOR program starts by reviewing your current digital presence and lead channels including prospects and applicants.  We continue to measure by reviewing your internal lead handling processes and how you track, contact, and manage leads.


This data is used to calculate a baseline cost of acquisition for both clients and new hires and provides insight into how we can make recommendations and improve results to meet your goals.

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Success Strategy

We offer custom strategies, technology, and content to help your business excel as if it were our own.


The DOR program begins with a deep review of your current online presence and lead sources, for both potential clients and applicants. Then, we look at how you handle leads internally, including how you keep track of them, get in touch, and manage them.


Our team monitors the data through our performance dashboards daily. We provide complete transparency on the results of our efforts, providing you access to these password-protected, real-time dashboards; in addition, we notify you of the results through our weekly and monthly progress reports.


We introduce additional lead channel opportunities for both clients and applicants to facilitate growth.

Our program is managed by reviewing data daily and recommending adjustments as needed to achieve your goals.

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