Client Communication Skills and Why Speed to Contact is so Important in 2020




In this video you will learn a few client communication skills that will help you become more successful in 2020.

Client Follow Up, Speed to Contact, and Client Objective, these are the three pillars that hold a thriving business through the use of solid communication with a client. Learn from Nikki Hillman as she explains the intricacies of these three principles, the importance of Client Objective, and how Wyred Insights benefits by adhering to these three principles. Experienced veterans within the business industry will all vow to the importance of maintaining communication with clients, Nikki Hillman herself explains through her experiences why Client Follow Up is so important in Wyred Insights' practices. Additionally, Nikki Hillman provides a peek into Wyred Insights' methodologies that assist the integrity of client communication through good follow-up practices.


The Importance of Speed to lead

Speed to Contact is a term that Nikki defines in this video as the rate and speed in which a company meets with a client and exchanges information, opinions, currently completed objectives, and objectives that still need to be met. The speed of a client receiving a result is undoubtedly beneficial to a client and is equally important when a client is reaching out to a business for a meeting. Learn in greater detail the importance of Speed to Contact from the experienced perspective of Nikki, and how this practice can increase the value of a business. Speed to Delivery, the third pillar that works alongside the previous two. Nikki extends her insights on speed to delivery, explaining the swiftness in which tasks, proposals, and services are provided. Nikki Hillman speaks lastly on one final overarching principle within client communication, the Client's objective, which Nikki explains as 'success in the clients' eyes'. Nikki sheds some light on the benefits that can be gained as a team when members aware of a client's objective, and how these three processes of client communication can assist a team's comprehension of said client's goal.

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