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How Small Businesses Can Leverage Marketing Automation

Marketing is an integral part of every business process. However, many small businesses these days rely on marketing automation for all the benefits it offers. Marketing automation is a process in which businesses take steps to stand out to consumers through digitized procedures without the need to perform tasks manually. Read on to learn some excellent ways to employ marketing automation.


51% of global businesses now use marketing automation, while 58% of them plan to adopt it in the future.

Automated Emails for Follow-Ups

Emails are a significant component of most business processes. They serve as the primary medium of formal or informal intra-departmental coordination, and B2C communication. Any businesses use emails to follow up with customers and seek feedback. However, sending individual emails to each customer manually is time-consuming.


Automated emailing makes the process easier by setting a scheduled day and time to send emails to all the selected recipients, without requiring you to sort through mailing lists. In fact, these systems also update your contact lists accordingly as soon as people sign up with your website.

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Automated Website Updates

Let’s say you’re about to launch a new product soon and are trying to make it available on your website on a designated day and time. The best way to ensure that the customers waiting for this launch get immediate access to purchasing your product is by making automated website updates.


Automation will make your product available on the website on the right day and time, helping you avoid downtime due to technical errors. As a result, your business will enjoy an enhanced brand image and loyal customers.

Automated Recruitment

Many small businesses don’t have the time, money, and resources to hire qualified individuals through a thorough evaluation process. Automated recruitment is an excellent digital solution for such companies. This process performs an efficient segmentation process based on applicants’ qualifications and overall interest in the vacant employment position.


Furthermore, automated recruitment can also automate the interview process, allowing you to add the best people to your team without spending unnecessary time going through hundreds of applications at a time.

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Marketing automation using digital marketing tools and strategies has become the best key to achieving success for small businesses, especially if they plan to expand and increase their brand image. Feel free to connect with our highly experienced digital marketing professionals at Wyred Insights to determine how we can help your business grow. We’re a leading digital marketing company, offering digital solutions like SEO consultancy, website design, automated recruitment, and more. Click here to contact us today!


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