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SEO Practices That Kill Your Rankings

Outdated and unethical practices or ones beyond the guidelines of Google webmaster are known as bad SEO practices. While SEO is all about optimizing your website and getting it to rank higher on the search engine result page, bad SEO can bring about undesired responses and results.

To help you not get penalized for breaking the rules set by the various search engines, here are a few practices that you must avoid as they could be killing your rankings.

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Stuffing Keywords

A major mistake that most websites make is they add unnecessary keywords to their content, thinking it will help increase their ranking. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not the case. Repeating your keywords will make it look very redundant and lose its purpose.

Instead of optimizing your content, stuffing keywords will discourage your customers from reading your content. The search engines might also penalize you for trying to trick them by manipulating the algorithms.

Adding keywords in the opening and ending paragraph, description, title, and a few more times organically in the content is more than enough.

Lack of Original Content

Another common yet grave mistake that website developers make when running their SEO campaigns is not creating original content and copying it from other websites.

It’s a big no to add plagiarized content to your site, and search engines have strict policies against any site that violates any potential copyright infringement laws.

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Not just copying content from other sites but duplicating content from internal links also devalues your links and damages your site’s search ranking.Therefore, you must entrust your site’s content creation to an expert who’s creative enough and won’t run out of innovative and unique ideas anytime soon.

Using Vague Keywords

Just like keyword stuffing wards off potential clients from your site, unclear and vague keywords will also affect your ranking negatively.

Using keywords that don’t specifically address your target audience will put all your efforts, money, and time down the drain as it’ll fail to generate the desired response.

Therefore, to ensure you target the intended audience effectively, you’ll have to use keywords that are specific. With voice search gaining momentum, it has become even easier to target your audience using long-tail keywords.

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