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3 Ways To Come Up With New Content Ideas

Creativity is the bread and butter for content writers, marketing agencies, and everyone who wants an impactful online presence.

If you’re not creative, the audience won’t engage with you. As a result, you won’t be able to meet the objective of producing content, that is, generate more traffic and attract new customers.

Here’s a guide on how to come up with creative ideas to appeal to your target audience.

Create Topic Lists in Bunches

If you’re writing content, never think of the topic and write on it simultaneously. This wastes a lot of time and distracts you from the main subject. It’s best to sit and decide on multiple topics at once.

Gather around 20-30 titles that you’d want to write on. When researching titles, you get a broader perspective and can be creative as you’re not limiting yourself.

Then pick one topic at a time and write on it. It’s easier to brainstorm when you focus on one thing. This improves productivity and efficiency.

Observe and Study Your Social Media Followers

Look at the preferences of people who follow you on various social media platforms as they are your potential customers.

Click on their profiles to research what they like to talk about the most, what kind of pages they follow, and what kind of posts they put up or share. This will give you an idea of what your audience wants to see, and then you can create content accordingly.

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Visit Your Competitor’s Websites

If you run out of ideas and don’t know what to do, visit your competitor’s websites. Look at what type of content they’re creating and what topics they’re writing on.

This doesn’t mean you plagiarize or steal their stuff, but you can always use your competitor’s performance and work for idea generation.

Go through their comments and followers to see what competitor has not addressed so you can cash on the opportunity. This will attract the competitor’s audience to your platform as well.

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