Tips Writing High-Performance Recruitment Ads

Tips on Writing High-Performance Recruitment Ads

Crafting a high-quality job description in your ads on any platform will help you attract the right applicants and eliminate anyone who may be not be qualified. 

Create clear, concise ad headlines that jump out

  • Include position title
  • If pay is competitive or hazard pay available, list it
  • Include biggest benefit, but keep it short
  • If training offered, always include it

Open with a strong, attention-grabbing summary

  • Hook your reader with details about what makes your
    company unique

List out your top perks and benefits

  • What’s in it for the applicant? 
  • Be sure to bullet your top benefits and always include
    the biggest benefits first

Outline the core responsibilities of the position

  • Ensure the qualifications are clear
  • Highlight the day-to-day activities of the position
  • Specify how the position fits into the organization

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