Speed to Contact Makes Difference

Speed to Contact Makes a Difference

The faster you get in touch with the applicant, the more likely you are to set the interview.


Text and Email the lead within 5 minutes of their application 

  • Unlike Email, Text messages have a 98% open rate  
  • Let the applicant know you are excited to set their interview and will be in touch
    • You can also make this an inbound action and ask them to call you right away
  • An email lets you explain more as there is no character limit 
    • You can also have the text message point the lead to the email

Call the lead within 20 minutes of their application 

  • Make sure they are who they say they are
  • Ensure they are qualified before setting the interview 
  • Generally, it’s best  to call twice a day over a four day period to get the maximum result

Set the interview on the first call

  • If they meet the qualifications and seem like a good fit, set the interview right away! 

This takes them “off the table” from your competition.


74% of Millenials and Gen Z attribute delays in company response for the reason they turned down an offer from that company.

Simple Texting

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