How We Got Our Client 16 Certified HHAs In 2 days

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In the highly demanding and fast-paced world of home health care, our client faced an urgent challenge: the immediate need for qualified Home Health Aides (HHAs) with valid certifications in their state. Our strategy was twofold: to attract the right candidates and to streamline the qualification process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


An urgent need for Qualified Caregivers

With each caregiver potentially generating an average of $12,000* in revenue for most in-home care agencies, the stakes couldn't be higher. However, the challenge was not just about rapid recruitment but also ensuring that each candidate met their qualifications.

Strategy & Solutions

Our Digital Recruiter Program

Our goal was to attract the right candidates and to streamline the qualification process using a combination of strategy within our Digital Recruiter program and technology via the Wyred Insights Platform.


Understanding the criticality of the situation, Wyred Insights leveraged the power of Indeed, the leading job advertising platform, as the primary channel for this high-stakes recruitment campaign.

Campaign Optimization

We crafted compelling, clear, and targeted ad campaigns and headlines designed to attract certified HHAs actively seeking opportunities. Our messaging was meticulously tailored to resonate with the ideal candidates, highlighting not just the role but the value and importance of their contributions.

Front-End Qualification

By integrating qualification questions directly into the application process, we were able to filter out candidates who did not meet the mandatory requirements, such as certification and driver's license validity, saving our client valuable time and resources.

Automated Outreach

Ensuring timely and consistent communication with potential candidates to keep them engaged and informed throughout the application process.


Multiple Certified HHA Applicants in 2 Days

Total Applicants
HHA Certified Applicants
Cost Per Qualified Applicant

In just a 2-day period, our campaign successfully attracted and secured 16 certified HHAs who met all the specified requirements. Moreover, the entire campaign was executed with an astonishing efficiency, incurring a total cost of just $98.


"My company has used the services of Wyred Insights for 2 years now. We hired them to create a digital recruitment pipeline for our homecare agency, and we are very happy with the results. Randy and Nikki and their team are first-class all the way, and I highly recommend them for your project."


Vince Maffeo, Comfort Keepers

Digital Recruiter - Wyred Insights
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