How Wyred Insights Helped an In-Home Care Franchisee Increase Rankings by Over 25%


A franchisee in the in-home care sector partnered with Wyred Insights to enhance their online presence and increase their search engine rankings. Leveraging our comprehensive Wyred SEO program, we embarked on a tailored strategy focusing on Localized SEO Content, Media-Rich Citations, and Google Business Profile optimization. The result? A significant boost in rankings by over 25%, dramatically improving their visibility and driving more leads.


The website & Google profile had poor visibility, but they needed more calls...

The client expressed to us that they needed to increase the volume of phone calls from potential clients to sustain and grow their business.


The franchisee faced several challenges in a saturated market:

  • Low Local Search Visibility: Struggling to appear in local search results, making it difficult for potential clients to find their services.
  • Incomplete Online Presence: An under-optimized Google Business Profile and sparse online citations failed to effectively showcase their services and strengths.
  • Generic Content: The lack of localized and engaging content on their website didn't resonate with the target audience or highlight their unique value proposition.
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Strategy & Solutions

Highly-Customized Local SEO

To tackle these obstacles and elevate the franchisee's position in local search rankings, we deployed a strategic, three-pronged approach:

  • Localized SEO Content
  • Media-Rich Citations
  • Google Business Profile Optimization

Localized SEO Content

Understanding the importance of relevance in local search, we crafted and optimized content specifically for the franchisee’s target local audience. This involved:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying and integrating high-volume, location-specific keywords into their website content.
  • Content Creation: Developing informative, engaging content that addressed local needs and showcased the franchisee's expertise in in-home care.

Citation Optimization

Recognizing that robust and consistent online citations are key to local SEO success, we focused on enhancing the franchisee's online footprint through:

  • Directory Submissions: Ensuring the franchisee was listed in relevant, authoritative directories with consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information.
  • Media Integration: Adding photos, videos, and other rich media to citations to improve engagement and credibility.

Google Business Optimization

A fully optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) is essential for local SEO. Our optimization efforts included:

  • Complete Information: Making sure all aspects of the GBP were filled out comprehensively and accurately.
  • Regular Updates: Posting regular updates, offers, and events to keep the profile active and engaging.

Overall Increase in Rankings, Traffic, and Calls

Increase in Overall Rankings
Increase in Organic Traffic
MoM Increase in First-Time Calls
  • Rankings Increase: The franchisee saw an increase in rankings by 27% for targeted local search terms.
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  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Improved visibility in local search results led to a significant uptick in website traffic and inquiries.
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  • Quality Leads: With higher visibility and a compelling online presence, the franchisee reported an increase in quality leads from potential clients in their local area. We continually saw first-time callers increase about 10% each month over a positive trendline. 

"Their ability to craft innovative and engaging content is what our firm needs and they deliver.”

Sarah C.

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