Learn How We Doubled Our Client's Google Reviews

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Our client wanted to increase their Google reviews to improve their online reputation and visibility. They understood that more positive reviews could help attract more customers and trusted us to make it happen.


They needed more reviews to enhance their online presence and credibility...

The client's initial challenge was a common yet complex one: how to effectively and ethically boost their number of Google reviews. They needed a solution that not only encouraged more customers to leave feedback but also reflected positively on their brand and enhanced customer experience. Additonally, the client wanted to engage their employees in the process, gathering valuable feedback on internal processes such as orientation and training.

91% of consumers say local branch reviews impact their overall perceptions of big brands in some way.

- BrightLocal

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Strategy & Solutions

Reputation Management

To tackle these obstacles and elevate the franchisee's position in local search rankings, we deployed a strategic, three-pronged approach:

  • Custom Creative Assets
  • Automated Review Requests
  • Strategic Engagement

Custom Creative

Our design team developed creative pieces to facilitate the review process. This included:

  • Email Signatures with embedded links to the review platform.
  • PDFs with QR Codes that customers could easily scan to leave a review.
  • Custom Forms designed to gather initial feedback and guide satisfied customers towards leaving a Google review.

Automated Review Requests

We implemented an automation system to initiate review requests via SMS and email, customizing the messaging to align with the client’s brand voice and ethos. This ensured a consistent and professional approach to every review request sent out.

Increased Engagement, Less Effort: Automation significantly reduced the manual effort required to manage review requests and follow-ups, allowing businesses to engage with more customers without additional resource allocation.

Strategic Engagement

Once services started, we immediately engaged customers to inquire about their onboarding experience. This not only demonstrated the client’s commitment to customer satisfaction but also provided a timely prompt for customers to leave their feedback. Similarly, employees were encouraged to review their orientation and training experiences, showcasing the client's dedication to excellence on all fronts


Immediate Increase in Reviews, Local Impressions, and Calls

New Reviews in 60 Days
Increase in Google Business Calls
Increase in Google Business Impressions

Increase in Google Reviews: Achieved a significant increase, adding 26 new reviews, effectively doubling the number of Google reviews for the client.

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Enhanced Online Visibility: The influx of new reviews contributed to a notable boost in Google Business Profile impressions, increasing the client's online visibility.

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Increased Customer Engagement: The campaign led to an uptick in calls received via the Google Business Profile, indicating higher customer engagement and interest.

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"We have worked with the team at Wyred Insights for several years and they are always professional and quick to respond. Grateful to have them supporting us!"

Laurel W.

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