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Is Your Website Missing From Your Sales Funnel? – 5 Benefits Of Improving Your Website For Sales Leads And Conversions

What is the key to solid leads and conversions in today’s fast-paced, often online environment? If you asked many industry experts, they’d agree that a highly optimized website will be at the top of the list. 

Ensuring that your website is correctly set up will be essential to conversions regardless of the industry or end goal. If you had a physical store where clients came in, looked around, and left without purchases or inquiring about your services or goods, then there would be little point in keeping that store open. The same is true for websites.

Let’s take a look at five benefits to improving your website’s optimization and sales funnel, as well as a few tips you can follow when optimizing your website as a whole.

5 Benefits Of Improving Your Website’s Sales Funnel

optimized website Website Missing From Your Sales Funnel website’s optimization and sales funnel


  1. More Customers - Simply put, improving your website for sales leads and conversions is going to bring in more, and hopefully better, clients! The better a consumer’s experience is on your website, the more likely they will be converting. 
  2. Increases Profits - Following the first benefit, the more customers and the better the website experience, the more sales you will likely reach. People are more willing to stay on a website and spend money on a product if it is visually appealing and meets their needs. 
  3. Lowers Acquisition Costs - Bettering your website’s sales funnel will also help keep your need for social media marketing or similar strategies from being as, or at all, necessary. Or in turn, if you are participating in some sort of marketing strategy, an improved website will help retain those customers with less money spent on your end.
  4. Stand Out From The Competition - One genuine advantage to having a good-looking, high converting website is you will stand out even if you have multiple competitors. Customers are naturally drawn to more appealing, fluid, and functional websites so staying on-trend and keeping the attention of your clients is a key to beating out others in your same industry. 
  5. Google Results - Having unique, informational, easy to maneuver content and sales will improve how Google ranks your site. If clients don’t like your site, they are more likely to leave and go to another, lowering your SEO rankings and dropping your standing, making it less likely future clients will see you on top.

Simple Steps To Improve Your Website’s Sales Funnel

optimized website Website Missing From Your Sales Funnel website’s optimization and sales funnelThere are, thankfully, quite a few simple steps you can take to improve your website’s sales funnel without a complete overhaul. Following these steps will help optimize your overall site, making its usage in your sales funnel more effective.


  • Add forms on pages that attract the most traffic.
  • Measure performance and SEO of pages and the website as a whole
  • Optimize CTA’s, contact forms, landing pages, and lead-capture emails
  • Customize your content
  • Offer online-now or live-chat services
  • Nurture your leads
  • Share content across platforms

Remember that businesses that develop lead-generating, sales-optimized websites will target and attract the ‘right’ audience to their pages and turn those potential leads into qualified customers. These tips are only a start, and you should also consider the overall design, development, and other optimization options when working on your website.

Is your website set to capture leads and convert them into paying customers? If it is not, you might want to consider optimizing your site, and its critical position within your sales funnel. A fully optimized website will be a crucial part of your sales funnel strategy and will do spectacular things for your business if done correctly!

Are you looking to improve your SEO strategy and increase traffic and conversions on your website and across your channels? At Wyred Insights, we love working with businesses to improve their technology and marketing. Give us a shout to find out how to help make your business better together.

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