Tips For Improving Your Landing Pages

A quality landing page that effectively captures potential customers' attention long enough to turn them from visitors to leads is essential to lead conversion. At Wyred Insights, we are a results-focused digital marketing consultancy that is dedicated to helping you convert visitors into leads. That’s why we’ll be diving into all things landing pages: what they are, why they’re useful, and how you can develop the best landing pages for your business.

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are standalone webpages that exist separate from a website’s navigation, with the sole purpose of being a marketing tool. These pages are created specifically for advertising campaigns for a specific product or service, with the intention of turning a visitor into a lead by causing them to take some sort of action towards your business.

Why Are Landing Pages Useful?

Landing pages are extremely useful digital marketing tools as they can help drive traffic, refine SEO and assist you in building your brand and customer base. However, landing pages can only be these handy-dandy marketing tools when they’re built right. Not to worry! Wyred Insights is here to help.

Tips For Improving Your Landing Pages


    1. Have a clear goal for your landing page.
      Is the goal of your landing page to get the visitor to sign-up, to purchase a product, to perform some other type of action? Have a goal for your landing page, and then choose the correct type of landing page for that goal.
    2. Less is more
      The goal of the landing page is to drive the visitor to perform the desired action of your marketing campaign. To do this effectively, your landing page should be straightforward, focused on that desired action or product, and contain no links to competitor sites or other destinations on your website. Keep your landing page simple but engaging to keep the visitor from clicking away.
    3. Match your landing page headline and corresponding CTA
      Make sure the message you’re conveying on your landing page is consistent with the CTA which drove the visitor to it in the first place, and ensure that the message is clearly stated in your landing page headline.
      If the CTA was “Subscribe today for a free trial” and the landing page title is “Subscription only $x a month”, you may lose the visitor’s interest. Even if the landing page is for the free trial, and you were simply showing how cheap it will be thereafter, it doesn’t seem consistent with the CTA that drove them there, which won’t make them inclined to trust your offer.
    4. Fill the landing page with compelling copy
      An effective landing page surmises the offer concisely with power words and an easy-to-read format. If writing isn’t your forte, hire an expert to write copy that’s sure to convert those visitors into leads.
    5. More is more
      Unlike with external or internal links, waffling your words and cluttering your landing page unnecessarily, there is a time when more is more. We’re talking about the actual number of landing pages you’re making. A sure-fire way to generate more leads with your landing pages is simply to make more of them!
    6. Only ask for necessary information
      Don’t overload the visitors with irrelevant questions. As soon as they have to fill in one too many questions or click one more button than they want to, they’re gone. Keep your lead generation form as basic as the landing page itself.

Landing pages are excellent for lead conversions and building your customer base. Follow our landing page optimization tips to improve your landing pages, or contact us today and let us take care of it for you!

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