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Boost Your Email Campaign Conversions With These Tips

An effective email campaign is one of the most compelling ways to land conversions. By incorporating a few trade secrets, you can land big conversions and, in turn, make big sales and secure a firm customer base. Make email campaigns your best friend, the golden thread that connects you to your customer base on the regular. Key approaches like segmentations of your databases, how regularly you use email communication, and exciting CTAs will make your campaign not only a success but a trusty tool in your marketing toolbox.

Choose the right contacts

Having an amazing email campaign will have zero effect if it is not sent to the right people. A clear target audience awareness is key in choosing content. And in turn, you will target the right customer base.

The question you should always keep in your back pocket is, “So what?” This is the question the customer will ask themselves when they open your email. They immediately want to know what’s in it for them. Use that to your advantage.

Ask “So What?” with every choice you make, and use this in choosing your audience. Will they react to your email because they need your service or product? Will they react out of interest? Did you target an audience that will find a benefit within your offering? Tap into the human need to be selfish, to be exclusive, and shape this to what your target audience will need most.

Stick to a routine

Create a strategy that will be easy to follow and manageable for your team. Creating an overly busy email campaign with no one to manage and monitor the flow and conversions, the effort will, unfortunately, be in vain. Take this into consideration when you send out your mailers.

The time of day people will be most likely to engage, as well as when your team can handle the calls to action. Whether it’s “Call the office for a 2-minute quote,” or “Mail our customer service department,” someone must be available to handle the load that will be incoming.

Customers tend to like routine, and if you have a set routine, they will know when to expect communication from you and in what shape and form it will be. This creates a rapport between you and the clientele.

All the pieces matter!

When dissecting an email, many different parts can come to the forefront. The subject line, the heading, the body of text, links, CTAs, and signature. Cohesion is absolutely key. Every part of your email must work together.

The heading should not create an expectation the body cannot follow, and the body should sustain the reader until a CTA is introduced. The signature knocks off the email with a certain suave and leaves your reader with a certain emotion or need. It’s the last punchline in your bag of tricks. The only way to create cohesion is to have a clear goal, and not to create a mailer as matter of fact. It must be purposeful, to the point, and catered to the customer base.

PS: A last tip

Get more eyes on your offer by adding a personal touch. Mass emails are easy to send out and might often get lost in the shuffle. Adding company/personal names or personal details will instantly create a personal connection that will increase the likelihood that the customer will interact. Fresh content and personal touches will set you apart from the generic and robotic mass emails often clouding up an inbox!

Protect your reputation by always ensuring quality and personal mailers. Turn those emails into actual conversion by sticking to a routine that customers will trust. Focusing on client needs will ensure you always fill a gap in that market. Ensuring you have cohesion will embed harmony amongst your email pieces. Always be brand aware, every email you send must have a purpose to build rapport, your client base, and quality. Having a firm structure for your email marketing will ensure you stay consistent and create a sense that you offer value and professionalism.

Once you realize that emails can be a powerful conversion tool, you will have an exciting opportunity to expand your clientele. Contact Wyred Insights today to maximize your email into conversions.

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