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The Importance of a Performing Website

Have you ever found yourself waiting too long for a website to load? Have you ever had trouble using a website because it just wasn’t user-friendly? Did you abandon the website and move to another one? Understandably, poorly designed websites are very frustrating for the user.

If you’re a business or an individual looking to start your website, keep reading to learn why it’s essential to have a properly performing website.

What is a Performing Website?

In simple words, a performing website loads quickly. The longest an average user waits for the page to load is two seconds, after which they may abandon it. While two seconds may not seem like a long time, even an added second is one too many for an internet user.

With high-speed internet readily available for the average person, it’s safe to say that internet users are much less patient now.

Why is it Important?

In today’s age, only a performing website can survive the rapidly changing digital landscape. Here are a few reasons why every business needs to have a performing website:

Speed Matters

With such a low attention span, the average internet user doesn’t want to waste a second on content that takes forever to load. Naturally, a slow website will significantly affect the overall user experience. The last thing you want is your website to harm your sales. The quicker you can get a user to browse through your website, the more likely they’ll make a purchase.

Keeps Users Engaged

User engagement is critical when it comes to websites. A person may continue using a non-performing website, but their engagement will be close to none. If your website uses videos or pictures to keep visitors engaged, it’s even more important to make sure your website loads quickly. A user may abandon your website if they only see basic and boring content in the first few seconds.

Better Search Ranking

Your website’s speed affects many things, such as bounce rate, conversion rate, time on page, page per visit, and scroll depth. All of these things go on to determine your website search ranking. A slow website will have a higher bounce rate, pushing your website further down in the search results. Slow speed will also result in a lower conversion rate, less time on page, fewer pages per visit, and low scroll depth. This will further deteriorate your website’s optimization.

Website Lends Legitimacy

We live in an age where websites lend credibility to businesses. If your website doesn’t create a pleasant experience for the user, it’s likely to harm the reputation of your business in the online community.

Website analytics being used to make improvements.

Get a Performing Website with Wyred Insights

Wyred Insights is a digital marketing consultancy in Reno, Henderson, and Las Vegas.  We also offer website development and web design services to our clients. We aim to create high-performing websites that keep users engaged. Ultimately, we aim to help your business grow, and we know that an excellent website is a critical factor in achieving this. To book our services, drop a message or call at 866-994-3123.

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