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How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Instagram planned to be a shopping application in 2019, and the upgrade is finally here. There’s no surprise that it’s a hit already since 68 percent of marketers mention Instagram as an essential social network for their business.

Approximately 130 million Instagram users tap the Instagram shopping tags after viewing it on a post to get more information regarding the product. A third of users complete online transactions through Instagram. That’s virtually every reason to set up Instagram Shopping:

Steps To Set Up Instagram Shopping

The first step to benefit from this premium feature, is to set up Instagram shopping on your account. This involves updating to the latest version of Instagram, switching account types to the business profile, becoming the admin of a business manager page, and designing a product catalog to best showcase your business’s credibility. Next, you will have to wait for the parties concerned to review for approval; after which, you may begin to tag your products or services in Instagram posts.

Linking Instagram with Facebook

Your Instagram Business account must connect to a Facebook page that allows online transactions and the online Facebook catalog for swift approval. Moreover, you must ensure that you agree to commerce policies as well as merchant agreements declared by Instagram. be sure to consider that, at this point in time (2021), Instagram only allows you to sell tangible goods through their services.

Upon approval, you’re allowed to tag five products from your online store to each image posted online; that’s twenty products per carousel. Here’s how to leverage the Instagram Shopping feature:

1.      Product Tags

For each photo you wish to upload, the ‘Tag Product’ options shall appear automatically after approval. You must then link the product to your Facebook Catalog. Lastly, share it with your relevant target audience. Alternatively, you can also include a caption to your post. Be mindful when tagging each product,  and considering the picture or video you upload; for example, if you’re selling a bag, you must tag the same bag (in color, size, etc.) via the product tag.

2.      Advertisement

There are photo ads, mapped-guided ads, video ads, story ads, IGTV ads, sponsored ads, as well as carousel ads to choose from for Instagram ads to promote your product. Use a combination of ads to target your audience and redirect them towards your brand website.

3.      Check out

The Instagram checkout in-app shopping feature has made things a lot easier for brands who wish to sell online. With this built-in feature, the consumer is not required to be redirected towards the website; in fact, they can complete the purchase via the app. This has encouraged impulse buying and also boosted conversion rates significantly.

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